Lacey Jane Hogited For Some Nipple Torture

7635 p 13 450x253 Lacey Jane Hogited For Some Nipple Torture

Watch Lacey Jane show that she can take whatever tit torture can be dished out.

This is Lacey Janes second go at a Hogtied shoot and once again she proved that she can take any amount of tit punishment that you can give her. She starts off tied to a bamboo pole naked except for panties with a rope gag and a vibrator shoved in her knickers till she has a loud orgasm. She is moved into a standing position with the vibrator once again bringing a forced orgasm before having her tits tied tight. Suction tubes are placed on her nipples and a dildo inserted, the tubes later being replaced with nipple clamps each with three heavy weights hanging from them. Tighter weighted nipple clamps come next and the vibrator for another orgasm before she is released. If you only want this one scene then click on Kink on Demand where you can buy per scene or per minute.

Ivy Mokhov Tied, Gagged And Caned

7761 p 20 450x253 Ivy Mokhov Tied, Gagged And Caned

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Ivy Mokhov asks to be hogtied and punished for cheating on her boyfriend, a penance she called it. Well that suited the guys from Hogtied well, they stripped her, tied her to bamboo and pinched her nipples to get her warmed up. She was tied with her legs in the air, a vibrator on her clit and was exposed just right to have her ass caned. A buttplug was inserted as she was lifted off the ground in bondage suspension. The butt plug was removed to be replaced by a large dildo on a stick and she was brought to another orgasm. Vacuum tubes were removed from her nipples so that she could have her tits caned and the vibrator was the only thing stopping the pain getting too much as she got her pussy caned. This painful bondage scene can be found here.

Sex Maniac Gabriella Paltrova Tied And Tortured

34023 5 450x299 Sex Maniac Gabriella Paltrova Tied And Tortured

Watch Gabrielle take punishment therapy

Gabrielle Paltrova is in a school for girls but keeps getting caught playing with herself. The headmistress finally loses her temper after catching her again and sends her to the Doctor to see if he can sort her out. He visits her and catches her playing with herself again but instead of stopping her he tells her to carry on.

She was enjoying it too much so he decided to change that. Gagged and tied clamps are attached to her nipples and pussy lips then string holds her lips open as he uses a vibrator on her clit. Just as shes cumming he whips her clit then whips the clamps off her nipples. The pain stops her orgasm dead each time she gets close before she is tied kneeling on all fours on a couch.

She is ass fucked with a stick dildo while an Hitachi is held on her clit and this time when she gets close he pushes harder with the dildo causing her pain. She is then hung upside down in a straightjacket when they realise she can’t be taught, a buttplug fitted, Hitachi attached to her clit and whiiped before being left like that to orgasm over and over. She screams as they leave for she doesn’t know how long. You can see Gabrielle suffer in suspension bondage at Hogtied.

Danielle Has Multiple Forced Orgasms

7831 p 13 450x299 Danielle Has Multiple Forced Orgasms

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Danielle thought she was ready for a go at some bondage and pain but she really wasn’t. She asked to be tied tight enough so she couldn’t get out and this was done, once done though she was at the mercy of the guys from Hogtied. She was tied down upside down on a chair with a ballgag in her mouth and a vibrator placed on her pussy till she came. After coming she started wriggling and screaming but the vibrator was left on her sensitive clit till she calmed down. It was then removed and replaced by a huge dildo in her pussy till she had many more painful orgasms. She also claimed to never had anal before so we broke her in gently and she seemed to enjoy the fingers in her ass. Watch the recorded clip of what was a live bdsm scene here.

Baylee Lee Hogtied And Tortured

16158 p 06 450x253 Baylee Lee Hogtied And Tortured

Watch Baylee make her debut to pain

Baylee Lee is a stunning Asian girl who has been interested in pain so this was the next logical step. Being a bit of an headcase helped as well so they tied her up naked to a wall and whipped her hard, tits, belly and pussy whipping till she is screaming in pain.

Weighted nipple clamps pull on her huge tits then her one leg is raised and tied while she looks on wondering what is next. They cane her foot which makes her laugh and says she loves it so they leave that and use an Hitachi on her clit. It is held there through orgasm after orgasm and she is told they will only stop once she has shaken her tits enough to make the clamps fall off. Eventually they give up and pull the second one off which has her screaming loudly.

Her foot is raised higher and the Hitachi brings more painful orgasms which has her swearing so they cane her feet to teach her not to swear. The Hitachi is used again then she is hoisted off the floor by her one leg, spreading her legs wide for a last brutal orgasm. You can see Baylee suffer painful bondage at Hogtied.

Hogtied, Gagged And Tortured To Orgasm

15235 p 15 450x253 Hogtied, Gagged And Tortured To Orgasm

Watch Audrey Rose take painful orgasms

Audrey Rose is hogtied by Sgt Major before her punishment starts. She is already stripped before tight nipple clamps are attached and weights added one by one as an Hitachi held on her clit brings her to the first of many orgasms. With her hands behind her back there is nothing she can do but squirm.

After the first orgasm with the Hitachi still held there she is screaming so loud a ballgag was fitted to keep the noise down. She quirmed more and more as the brutal orgasms became more painful. All this had happened while she was sat on the floor with her pussy wide open so they had her stand up for more punishment.

With her legs spread and the Hitachi still doing its job more weights were added to the nipple clamps stretching her nipples. She is then bent over for the last of her painful orgasms. By the end of the scene she is a dripping mess. You can see Audrey take orgasm overload at Hogtied.

Princess Donna Dolores Painful Bondage

14065 p 15 450x253 Princess Donna Dolores Painful Bondage

Watch Donna bound and fucked

Princess Donna Dolore stars in her very own fantasy movie about being a CEO who is on someones hate list. She is in a limo being driven to work when all the doors lock automatically and the heating goes up. She complains and they throw water at her. Refusing to drink it she eventually strips down to her undies from the heat but at the end gives in and drinks it.

She wakes up naked tied face down on a mattress being fucked from behind and her head is lifted, held by the hair and she is made to give a forced deepthroat. She is tied to a chair and made to swallow cock while her tits are tied tight and nipple clamps used. As she is face fucked these clamps are slapped off.

After making her gag on cock she is put back on the bed and tied with her legs by her head. She is ass fucked at full speed through all her moaning until he gets fed up and chokes her while fucking her ass. This is a full size movie so there is too much intense bondage, brutal face fucking and extreme anal to list it all here but you can see Princess Donna tied helpless and having forced sex at Hogtied.

Annie Cruz Tied Helpless Upside Down

13820 p 03 450x253 Annie Cruz Tied Helpless Upside Down

Watch Annie having painful orgasms

Annie Cruz starts off this scene tied helpless, naked and upside down with her tits tied and arms behind her back. Weighted nipple clamps are attached before she has her pussy flogged and her ass whipped. She is caned all over then while an Hitachi wand is used to bring a squirting orgasm from her.

Her sensitive nipples are even more sore from the weights so she asks for them to be removed. Happy to help he yanks them forcing her forward to give a forced deepthroat. He takes the clamps off though and puts the Hitachi back on her sensitive clit while she sucks his cock.

She screams as she cums so he rubs her clit hard before replacing the wand. Another squirting orgasm happens so he rubs her clit again before fingering her sore pussy. She is screaming in agony as he does this over and over again until her belly is soaking and she is almost in tears from these brutal orgasms. You can see Annie Cruz tied for forced orgasms at Hogtied.

Mae Meyers Takes Painful Orgasms

14930 p 06 450x253 Mae Meyers Takes Painful Orgasms

Watch Mae skull fucked in bondage

Mae Meyers is just 19 years old but was treated like any old hand in this scene form Hogtied. She was stripped naked then tied to a wall upside down. A rop from her neck to the floor kept her stretched fully as they started off whipping her body till she was red.

They whipped her tits before using a cane on her then holding an Hitachi wand on her clit till she dribbled cum down herself. A rope was tied around her waist and pulled away from the wall arching her back then she was face fucked choking off air while having her nipples squeezed and the wand forcing orgasms from her.

She is soon gasping for air but they don’t let up. Orgasm after orgasm is ripped form her until she is tasting her own juices that are running up her body. By the end she is squealing from the brutal orgasm, taking way more than she ever has before. You can see Mae Meyers tied helpless upside down at Hogtied.

Jenna Ashley Gagged And Tortured

35744 4 450x300 Jenna Ashley Gagged And Tortured

Watch Jennas first taste of painful bondage

This is Jenna Ashleys first taste of Hogtied. Tied helpless standing up with an Hitachi strapped to her clit with just a ballgag keeping her from screaming is a nice place to start. Ass whipping and spanking are follweed by pinched nipples and whipped tits and this is just the start. Another Hitachi is added as she continues getting her tits whipped.

Released from that she is bent over on all fours and tied down with her ass sticking up to be ass whipped then having her pussy fingered to warm her up before being fucked with a stick dildo while an Hitachi is held on her clit. She squirms after she cums because he won’t remove the Hitachi from her sensitive clit.

Next she is tied sat on a table with her legs spread high and wide, a pigtail buttplug in her ass and gagged. An high pressure hose pipe is used to squirt her pussy and soon as her squealing in pleasure then pain as she is forced through orgasm after orgasm. You can see Jenna Ashley go through painful orgasms at Hogtied.