Emma Haize Tied Helpless For Orgasms

12929 p 12 450x300 Emma Haize Tied Helpless For Orgasms

Watch Emma take bdsm torture live

Emma Haize gets her turn for a full hour of bdsm torture. The first one they try is a suspension 5 bondage which is the toughest possible but they just couldn’t get Emma into the position, she was just too short. Instead they tie her standing with a crotch rope tied tight and linked to her neck keeping her bent over.

They start off then by pinching her nipples till they turn a dark purple then they give her an ass spanking. While one flogs her ass at each stroke she gets her face slapped. She is hoisted up by her crotch rope before they tie her standing spreadeagled to have her tits whipped.

They move on then to whipping her ass until it’s red then they whip her pussy and you can see her lifting, trying to ease the stroke. When she is red all over they move onto more positions but these recorded scenes of the live show are shown in four parts. You can see Emma Haize suffer bondage torture at Hogtied.

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