Max Mikita Tied Helpless Upside Down

10437 p 02 450x300 Max Mikita Tied Helpless Upside Down

Watch Max having painful orgasms here

Max Mikita is an Asian MILF who thought this would be her chance to get into pornos. They tied her upside down to a pole with her arms tied then hung heavy weighted nipple clamps form her huge nipples. Her ass is whipped and a vibrator used on her clit as her nipple clamps sway roughly.

She has her first ever orgasm upside down and as her juices run up her chest and past her hanging nipples the vibrator is pressed even harder onto her clit. She moans in pleasure as orgasm after brutal orgasm is forced from her body and soon the trail from her pussy goes all the way down onto her chin.

She is tied in suspension bondage then for the pussy torture to continue until she is screaming for them to stop the orgasms. You can find Max having her debut at Hogtied.

Tara Lynn Foxx Stretched For Painful Orgasms

10078 p 02 450x253 Tara Lynn Foxx Stretched For Painful Orgasms

See Tara tied and stretched here

This is the second part of a live show that goes out every Monday. In this scene Tara is tied by Isis Love who then slaps her face before using a ballgag on her. She has her tits whipped hard by Isis before having her ass whipped. They whipped her hard enough to make her cry leaving red streaks across her tits and ass.

Once they saw the tears they decided to work more on the pleasure. The condition was if they brought her to tears she would get to come but they didn’t say how much. A vibrator is used to her clit and kept there through her first orgasm then her second and even the third painful orgasm.

She is already tied spreadeagled and as the brutal orgasms become more intense they pull the ropes tighter spreading her wider making her sensitive clit more open to the vibrations which brings the next orgasm even faster. You can see this lovely torture scene using forced orgasms at Hogtied.

Natasha Lyn’ First Extreme Bondage

12598 p 09 450x300 Natasha Lyn First Extreme Bondage

Watch Natasha tied helpless for orgasms

Natasha Lyn is a total amateur as far as painful bondage is concerned and has never had to endure multiple forced orgasms so every look on her face is totally genuine. She is stripped naked and led face down on a box with her feet tied and her hands tied behind her back with her elbows up so she has no control at all.

A vibrator is placed on her pussy bringing one painful orgasm after the other then her arms are tied to her legs through a ceiling hoop bending her backwards. He fingers her pussy as well bringing her to more orgasms as she screams from pleasure overload. She is then hoisted completely off the box bending her further.

An hitachi is used on her very sensitive clit to bring more orgasms from her, so much you can see how wet the box gets under her. By her last brutal orgasm she is almost in tears. You can see Natasha Lyn sufer extreme bondage and even more extreme orgasms for the first time at Hogtied.

Madison Scott Tied Helpless For Orgasms

9473 p 12 450x253 Madison Scott Tied Helpless For Orgasms

Watch Madison take forced orgasms here

Madison Scott is built for pain, she is short and fit with large DD tits calling to be tortured. She is tied with her arms behind her back and her ankles tied together. Her tits are tied so tight they turn purple then she has a ballgag fitted before being pushed backwards.

Once on her back her pussy and ass are in the air and she has her pussy fingered to orgasm as her tits turn darker then she has her pussy spanked as she has an intense orgasm. Her ass is spanked then till it turns red and a vibrator used on her pussy.

She comes over and over, some of them squirting orgasms until she can’t take any more and starts screaming into the gag. By the time they let her go the floor is soaking wet and her tits a dark shade of purple. You can see Madison being tortured to orgasm at Hogited.

Emma Haize Tied Helpless For Orgasms

12929 p 12 450x300 Emma Haize Tied Helpless For Orgasms

Watch Emma take bdsm torture live

Emma Haize gets her turn for a full hour of bdsm torture. The first one they try is a suspension 5 bondage which is the toughest possible but they just couldn’t get Emma into the position, she was just too short. Instead they tie her standing with a crotch rope tied tight and linked to her neck keeping her bent over.

They start off then by pinching her nipples till they turn a dark purple then they give her an ass spanking. While one flogs her ass at each stroke she gets her face slapped. She is hoisted up by her crotch rope before they tie her standing spreadeagled to have her tits whipped.

They move on then to whipping her ass until it’s red then they whip her pussy and you can see her lifting, trying to ease the stroke. When she is red all over they move onto more positions but these recorded scenes of the live show are shown in four parts. You can see Emma Haize suffer bondage torture at Hogtied.

Young Black Girl Gagged And Tortured

hog 450x300 Young Black Girl Gagged And Tortured

See her tied helpless in painful bondage

This young black girl comes into this scene knowing what to expect and thinking she can handle it. She soon doubts this though as she is forced to endure painful orgasms in bondage. She is stripped, has her tits tied with tape and a ballgag fitted to hide the screams.

She is stood on a perch with her hands tied above her head and rope tied around her nipples pulled out as far as it can go. Each move she makes pulls her nipples so when she is impaled on a dildo and a vibrator placed against her clit she has to try and stay still through forced multiple orgasms.

She is hoisted up into the air pulling her nipples tight and goes through many other positions, one even standing on her head as her squirting orgasm drips down her chest and face. You can see this girl bound and fucked at Real Bondage.

Dylan Agrees To Be Bound And Fucked With No Limits

7791 p 18 450x253 Dylan Agrees To Be Bound And Fucked With No Limits

Watch Dylans forced orgasms here.

Dylan made no conditions on what the guys from Hogtied could do to her so they didn’t hold back anything. They tied her to bamboo, gagged her then let rip, pinching her clit before using a vibrator on her then using weighted nipple clamps to stretch her small tits. The vibrator was left there well after her first orgasm and even after the second as she screamed for mercy and more weight was added to her tit torture. Her position was changed but the vibrator replaced straight away and left there with a dildo in her pussy for even more orgasms. She was put in suspension bondage with weighted nipple clamps again attached and a large dildo inserted. Watch this stunning painful bondage scene here.

Gagged And Tortured Amber Rayne Made To Orgasm

10096 p 06 450x253 Gagged And Tortured Amber Rayne Made To Orgasm

Watch Amber have orgasm after painful orgasm while tied helpless

Amber Rayne was used to painful bondage so we thought we’d try a different type. No more whips or spanking, just overpowering orgasms. She is tied to a chair naked while a stocking is placed over her head and tape aound her mouth leaving her tied and gagged to suffer in silence.

Once there ropes are tied around her small tits, her nipples pulled through small slits so the rough rope rubs aginst them if she squirms. A vibrator is taped between her legs with no movement possible leaving her nowhere to go. She has painful orgasms one after the other.

Of course we were joking about the whips, her tits are whipped and caned to make the orgasms come faster and become more painful. Eventually when she is drooling from too many the chair is hoisted with her leaning forward onto the vibrator harder making her come even faster. This great scene from Device Bondage leaves you looking at the come dripping down the front of the chair.

Tied Helpless Jessie Cox Is Gagged And Tortured

9772 p 08 450x300 Tied Helpless Jessie Cox Is Gagged And Tortured

Watch Jessie on her first outing in painful bondage.

This is Jessies first scene with Hogtied where they want to find and push her limits. They strip her off then use rough rope to tie her tits. A vibrator is used to bring her to the edge of orgasm then stopped. A ball gag is inserted before the rough rope is again used, this time doubled up and pulled tight between her pussy lips and up over her sensitive clit.

The crotch rope is pulled tighter until she is up on her toes then the vibrator is used again. The ballgag stops her screams as she is made to have painful orgasms as the rope gets wetter and wetter and rubs her even more sensitive clit. She is made to have many orgasms in this way for her first Hogtied shoot which she handled very well.

Rene Phoenix In Suspension Bondage

18151 p 14 450x253 Rene Phoenix In Suspension Bondage

Watch Rene in painful bondage

Rene Phoenix is really flexible so she was ideal for this scene. She starts off naked on her belly with her arms and legs tied above her arching her backwaards. An anal hook is fitted and attached to her hair arching her even more while an Hitachi brings her to orgasm while her movements cause her pain.

The ballgag she is wearing keeps her from screaming too loud as she has her ass whipped. Her ass is totally red by the time he gets around to caning her ass but she still can’t move or she will lose some hair or stretch her ass. She is hoiseted into the air with the ropes arching her back even more.

Weighted nipple clamps are added As she is fingered to orgasm after orgasm and after each one he adds more weight. Finally she has over one pound of weight hanging from each nipple stretching her tits hard as the orgasm make her shake in pain. You can see Rene forced to orgasm multiple times at Hogtied.