Haley Cummings Gets Her Huge Tits Bound

11490 p 03 450x253 Haley Cummings Gets Her Huge Tits Bound

Watch Haley tied helpless for painful orgasms

Haley Cummings has huge tits, size E cup which are totally natural and begging to be tortured. They start her off tied upside down and dangling by her ankles with a vibrator locked into place pressing against her clit. Her huge tits are tied to the ground as she has her ass whipped.

She has her face slapped and nipples pinched while left there to have painful orgasms one after the other. He whips her tits then and pulls her backwards so that her huge tits are taking the strain of her weight as she continues coming from the vibrator.

After a few of these orgasms he adds another rope, a crotch rope and adds a bowling ball to the end of it. She is left dangling as the rope pulls across her sensitive clit. You can see Haley having her huge tits bound at Hogtied.

MILF Samantha Sin Tied Helpless For Painful Orgasms

11261 p 07 450x253 MILF Samantha Sin Tied Helpless For Painful Orgasms

Watch MILF Samantha have forced orgasms

Samantha Sin has a stunning body with perfect tits and ass even though she is a mother and definitely a MILF. What’s better is she has finally returned to Hogtied for another scene. She is tied led on her front with her arms up straight behind her and twine around her toes keeping her legs spread as wide as possible.

A vibrator is placed on her clit and a finger in her ass before she is ass spanked and pussy slapped to orgasm. The vibrator is left on her clit as her screams get louder and louder until she has another painful orgasm. She is made to beg for more and to ask for another finger in her ass.

She is made to cum over and over again and each painful orgasm brings louder squeals from this tied helpless MILF. She eventually cries for him to stop so he does, then gets a whip out to whip her pussy to yet another orgasm. By the end of the scene the floor is soaked. You can see this MILF tied helpless at Hogtied.

Felony Tied Helpless For Painful Orgasms

11255 p 05 450x253 Felony Tied Helpless For Painful Orgasms

Watch Felony in suspension bondage here

Felony is a true pro and everyone who has seen one of her scenes knows how much she squirts when coming so any scene she has to be tied helpless in and have forced orgasms over and over you know what sort of show you’ll be getting. She is tied using two bamboo shoots in a cross behind her leaving her open to anything and starts by getting her pussy smacked.

She has a vibrator placed on he pussy and held there till she had her first squirting orgasm and was then removed for only a second or so till she stopped squirting then was replaced onto her sensitive clit. The second and third weren’t far behind with most of the com landing halfway across the floor.

That was when she was hoisted while tied helpless and in painful suspension bondage for even more painful orgasms. By the 5th orgasm she was screaming so loud I’m surprised the guy didn’t just leave. After enough painful orgasms the guy left her suspended and probably left with an headache. You can see Felony tied helpless for many painful orgasms at Hogtied.

Holly Heart In Endurance Bondage

10726 p 12 450x300 Holly Heart In Endurance Bondage

Watch Holly gagged and tortured

Holly Heart is one of the fittest girls on here so they gave her one of the hardest endurance bondage tests they could think of. They tied one arm high above her with her other arm tied to a leg, use a stocking hood and gagged her before they started the torture while she is tied helpless.

They start by whipping her tits before using the whip and cane all over her body. Heavy weighted nipple clamps are put on with so much weight they fall off on their own then a vibrator is used to bring an orgasm from her. She is whipped some more before the vibrator is used for another orgasm.

That’s when they decide to make it harder by lifting her right leg and tying her left arm to it leaving her hanging by one arm and standing on one leg as the whipping and punishment takes a nastier turn. You can see Holly Heart and other women in painful bondage at Hogtied.

Amber Rayne Tied For Painful Orgasms

10095 p 10 450x300 Amber Rayne Tied For Painful Orgasms

See Amber in suspension bondage here

Amber Rayne agreed to do this scene of category 5 suspension bondage meaning it is the hardest bondage they do. She is tied with her hands to posts on either side, a rope around her neck and her feet tied to that rope meaning if she lowers her feet she chokes.

A vibrator is put on her clit as she is fingered to orgasm without any chance to move. Even while coming she can’t lower her feet and as her pussy torture continues to get painful orgasms from her it gets harder to keep her feet in the air. Her feet are caned and a buttplug inserted.

A stick dildo and vibrator are used for more brutal orgasms before the rope is pulled leaving her suspended by feet and neck only. She is fingered and vibrated to more and more orgasms before they finally let her loose. You can see Amber bound and fucked at Hogtied.

Porn Star Annie Cruz Returns

13818 p 08 450x253 Porn Star Annie Cruz Returns

Watch Annie tied helpless for extreme sex

Annie Cruz returns to porn and decides to jump straight back in with extreme sex. She is stripped and has her elbows tied behind her then upwards leaving her immobile as she has her ass spanked. Nipple clamps are attached before she is made to give a forced blowjob which quickly turns into a skull fuck.

She is hogtied with her hair tied behind her to her shoe keeping her bent backwards while a vibrator brings orgasm after orgasm from her. She is fingered and vibrated right through her squirting orgasms with no rest as they bring the orgasms one after the other.

Just when her clit is at it’s most sensitive they spank her pussy making her quirt again. Her leg is hoisted opening her legs further for the vibrator to bring more orgasms. Bt the end of the scene she can hardly breath and the floor is absolutely soaking for about 5 yards around her. You can see Annie Cruz have painful orgasms at Hogtied.

Max Mikita Tied Helpless Upside Down

10437 p 02 450x300 Max Mikita Tied Helpless Upside Down

Watch Max having painful orgasms here

Max Mikita is an Asian MILF who thought this would be her chance to get into pornos. They tied her upside down to a pole with her arms tied then hung heavy weighted nipple clamps form her huge nipples. Her ass is whipped and a vibrator used on her clit as her nipple clamps sway roughly.

She has her first ever orgasm upside down and as her juices run up her chest and past her hanging nipples the vibrator is pressed even harder onto her clit. She moans in pleasure as orgasm after brutal orgasm is forced from her body and soon the trail from her pussy goes all the way down onto her chin.

She is tied in suspension bondage then for the pussy torture to continue until she is screaming for them to stop the orgasms. You can find Max having her debut at Hogtied.

Tara Lynn Foxx Stretched For Painful Orgasms

10078 p 02 450x253 Tara Lynn Foxx Stretched For Painful Orgasms

See Tara tied and stretched here

This is the second part of a live show that goes out every Monday. In this scene Tara is tied by Isis Love who then slaps her face before using a ballgag on her. She has her tits whipped hard by Isis before having her ass whipped. They whipped her hard enough to make her cry leaving red streaks across her tits and ass.

Once they saw the tears they decided to work more on the pleasure. The condition was if they brought her to tears she would get to come but they didn’t say how much. A vibrator is used to her clit and kept there through her first orgasm then her second and even the third painful orgasm.

She is already tied spreadeagled and as the brutal orgasms become more intense they pull the ropes tighter spreading her wider making her sensitive clit more open to the vibrations which brings the next orgasm even faster. You can see this lovely torture scene using forced orgasms at Hogtied.

Natasha Lyn’ First Extreme Bondage

12598 p 09 450x300 Natasha Lyn First Extreme Bondage

Watch Natasha tied helpless for orgasms

Natasha Lyn is a total amateur as far as painful bondage is concerned and has never had to endure multiple forced orgasms so every look on her face is totally genuine. She is stripped naked and led face down on a box with her feet tied and her hands tied behind her back with her elbows up so she has no control at all.

A vibrator is placed on her pussy bringing one painful orgasm after the other then her arms are tied to her legs through a ceiling hoop bending her backwards. He fingers her pussy as well bringing her to more orgasms as she screams from pleasure overload. She is then hoisted completely off the box bending her further.

An hitachi is used on her very sensitive clit to bring more orgasms from her, so much you can see how wet the box gets under her. By her last brutal orgasm she is almost in tears. You can see Natasha Lyn sufer extreme bondage and even more extreme orgasms for the first time at Hogtied.

Madison Scott Tied Helpless For Orgasms

9473 p 12 450x253 Madison Scott Tied Helpless For Orgasms

Watch Madison take forced orgasms here

Madison Scott is built for pain, she is short and fit with large DD tits calling to be tortured. She is tied with her arms behind her back and her ankles tied together. Her tits are tied so tight they turn purple then she has a ballgag fitted before being pushed backwards.

Once on her back her pussy and ass are in the air and she has her pussy fingered to orgasm as her tits turn darker then she has her pussy spanked as she has an intense orgasm. Her ass is spanked then till it turns red and a vibrator used on her pussy.

She comes over and over, some of them squirting orgasms until she can’t take any more and starts screaming into the gag. By the time they let her go the floor is soaking wet and her tits a dark shade of purple. You can see Madison being tortured to orgasm at Hogited.