Seda Tied Helpless For Whipped Pussy

10940 p 10 450x253 Seda Tied Helpless For Whipped Pussy

Watch Seda getting her pussy whipped

This is the second part of the 4 live shows with Seda being made to have painful orgasms one after the other. She is stripped naked and tied to the floor spreadeagled. She has her pussy whipped until it is bright red then they work over the rest of her, starting with whipping her tits.

They then finger her to orgasm with Rain Degrey laughing as Seda screams from the squirting orgasm then they tickle her till she squeals. She is fingered to another orgasm before they continue to whip up and down her body till every single part of her is red.

They do this continuously, tickling, whipping and fingering till she’s sat in a puddle and is a drooling mess. They don’t let up for the full hour by which time Seda has suffered so many brutal orgasms you’d think she would never want any more ever. You can see Seda getting a whipped pussy at Hogtied.

Gagged And Tortured Feloney

25827 19 450x299 Gagged And Tortured Feloney

Watch Feloney suffer painful orgasms

Feloney returns for a much awaited painful sequel to Hogtied. She starts off tied kneeling down with her tits tied and pulled up to a pulley. Claire whips her tits as she screams into her bit gag before spanking her pussy. That’s the warmup for the pain and for the pleasure she gets fingered and has an Hitachi held onto her clit until she cums.

Her tits are released and she lies back as she is forced through one squirting orgasm after another until the floor is dripping. She is bent over onto her shoulders next and an asshook inserted while Claire uses the Hitachi to bring her more painful orgasms while suction tubes on her nipples add the pain along with having her ass spanked.

A stick dildo gets her to squirt in her own face before she is tied in suspension bondage face down with her tits tied to be pussy whipped. A stcik dildo with an Hitachi on her sore clit bring her screaming orgasms then as if she hasn’t had enough she’s tied to a cross sitting on a Sybian. Mouse traps on her nipples and a tit whipping drive her over the edge again and again. You can see Feloney suffer painful bondage at Hogtied.

Dylan Kidnapped, Gagged And Tortured

14350 p 12 450x300 Dylan Kidnapped, Gagged And Tortured

Watch Dylan tied helpless in pain

Dylan is kidnapped, her hands tied behind her back using electrical tape and gagged. She is thrown onto a bed and her clothes ripped off her as she is fingered to warm her up. She is flipped onto her back then to have her ass whipped so hard red welts appear.

She is sat up then to have her tits whipped hard then moves onto having her pussy whipped. She is flipped onto her belly to have her ass spanked then is fingered to orgasm. A dildo on a stick is inserted into her pussy with an Hitachi attached to the base that rests on her clit.

A thumb in her ass adds to the torture as she goes through orgasm after orgasm before being flipped onto her back again for even more orgasms. Pretty soon she is screaming from orgasm overload but he doesn’t let up, fingering her to more before leaving her lying on her belly still tied helpless. You can see Dylan having forced orgasms at Hogtied.

Penny Pax Tied Helpless For Orgasms

24713 11 450x299 Penny Pax Tied Helpless For Orgasms

Watch Mark Davis give suspension bondage

Penny Pax loves extreme bondage so much i’m beginning to think she taunts her torturers to make it worse for herself. She picked the wrong one in Mark Davis though, he is a real sadist. He starts off by slapping her tits and face then ramming his cock down her neck in a forced deepthroat.

She is tied dangling by one leg with her tits tied to the floor and is face fucked again as Mark uses an Hitachi on her pussy. When she cums without permission she is tied to a wall with a crotch rope betwen her legs rubbing her clit and her tits crushed between two pieces of wood. Mark plays with her clit, pulls her nipples and whips her pussy all after he has pulled the crotch rope so tight she is on tiptoes.

A gag which is tied to nipple clamps is the only thing that keeps her quiet as he uses an Hitachi on her exposed clit but refuses to let her cum. Hoisted completely off the floor by the crotch rope the Hitachi has her screaming before she is put in suspension bondage and made to deepthroat again. Nipple clamps, a stick dildo in her ass and an Hitachi watm her up for an ass whipping before being face fucked until he cums. You can see Penny in painful bondage at Hogtied.

Bella Rossi Hung By Her Tits

31698 13 450x299 Bella Rossi Hung By Her Tits

Watch Bella get her tits stretched

Bella Rossi had only just done one scene a few months ago but was called back after many fans asked for her. They decided this scene had to be better than the last so they really gave her a workout. Tied in suspension bondage in a sitting position her ass is caned then she is fingered to orgasm while an Hitachi on her clit pushes her over the edge.

A ballgag is fitted, her tits slapped hard then she is made to have orgasm after orgasm using the Hitachi. She is tied on her knees next with rough rope used to tie her tits tight. Claire slaps her tits turning them red then whips her tits before being hoisted by her tits alone till she is in the air.

Inverted next she is once again hoisted and made to cum some more. Her nipples are bitten and ass spanked before being tied to a crucifix to have her whole body whipped again. Her tits are caned before being tied again to have her tits whipped and being fucked with a stick dildo and Hitachi to even more orgasms. You can see Bella Rossi get her tits stretched at Hogtied.

Felony Has Painful Orgasms Live

22865 8 450x300 Felony Has Painful Orgasms Live

Watch Felony take forced orgasms here

This was the final part of Felonys live show with the best bits shown here. In the first parts of the show she had gone through orgasm after orgasm till she was almost in tears. They don’t stop there though, they want to see how many orgasms she can take. For this they decided to give her no leeway or movement,

Tied to a post with her hands above her head and her massive tits tied together and behind her she is sat on a Sybian. She has no movement at all as the Sybian pounds orgasms from her while she is whipped. Her torturer adds a pin wheel run over her body and sensitive tits before caning her feet as well.

She almost looks drunk from the amount of orgasms she has while a bigger pinwheel is run over her legs and pussy. Just as she thought she could take no more orgasms they add an Hitachi on her clit bringing a couple more. By the end of the scene she can barely get up. To see Felony tied helpless for orgasm overload go to Hogtied.

Ana Foxxx Cums Till She’s Dry

30072 18 450x253 Ana Foxxx Cums Till Shes Dry

See Ana hogtied and spanked

Ana Foxxx asked to try Hogtied so they were quite happy to go to work on here. She was stripped and tied in a ball leaving her tight ass ready for the paddle. After that she is tied with her arms behind her sat on her bum with her legs in the air leaving her pussy ready to be abused. She is fisted and has an Hitachi held on her clit as she goes through her first orgasm.

She is tied in suspension bondage face down with nipple clamps weighted and pulling her tits down while a pussy hook is inserted. Her ass is spanked and punched then pegs attached to her pussy lips and tied to her legs to keep them open. An Hitachi on her clit before the pegs are ripped off and she is fingered to another orgasm.

Tied on her back and made to choke on a stick dildo before being hung upside down with a neck weight keeping her still and a crotch rope rubbing her sensitive clit as she is fucked with the dildo. She is made to cum over and over until her body is soaking and she has nothing left to give. You can see Ana Foxxx fucked to exhaustion at Hogtied.

Feloney Hogtied And Tortured To Orgasm

22863 p 09 450x299 Feloney Hogtied And Tortured To Orgasm

Watch Feloney forced to orgasm here

Feloney is well known for her ability to orgasm over and over so the guys wanted to find her limits. The best way for that is to make sure she has no contro and no way of stopping them. To this end they tie her up with her arms behind her then they tie her tits tight enough to turn them purple. After that they gag her then hoist her up so she is in midair with her legs performing the splits. This leaves her open to absolutely anything and no way of stopping what is to come.

They start off by whipping her pussy then quickly move on to whipping her tits which have already started to turn dark. After that an Hitachi is held on her clit as she goes through a few orgasms. The orgasms soon become painful enough that she is moaning but the guys have been instructed to ignore any noises that she may have had enough. Soon enough though there is a puddle beneath her so they have to move her over. She is moved over near to a wall and hung upside down there.

With her feet bent and in the air against a wall her head is a few feet above the floor with her pigtails tied to the floor so she can’t move her head. They attach the Hitachi to her clit and leave it there as she is forced through more painful orgasms. This time the guy leaves the room so nothing she can do will make them stop. After what must seem hours and with all her juices having run down her body and pooled up on her face they release her. You can see Feloney gagged and tortured through brutal orgasms at Hogtied.

Krissy Lynn Mousetraps On Her Pussy

21159 p 12 450x299 Krissy Lynn Mousetraps On Her Pussy

Watch Krissy bound and fucked here

Krissy Lynn is in for a fantasy fuck. She starts off tied down on a dirty mattress with her ass in the air ready for an ass whipping. She has her ass spanked while being fingered and as more fingers are used and the wetter she gets the ass whipping gets harder. A zapper is then used to bring her back from the edge of orgasm before a stick dildo gets her right back to the edge again.

She is tied sitting against the bedrest with her legs spread in the air and mousetraps on her pussy lips to keep them open. Her tits are tied then whipped before she has her wide open pussy whipped. A ballgag is used to shut her screams up then an Hitachi brings her nearly to an orgasm before her clit is whipped. A stick dildo with an Hitachi attached is used as her nipples are put in tight nipple clamps.

Having been orgasm denied for so long she is happy to be tied down on the Sybian, pegs on her nipples and stil wearing a gag. Her ass is whipped and she is held down as she has her first orgasm. This upsets her master who then holds her down on the Sybian and also adds an Hitachi as she is made to have orgasm after brutal orgasm. You can see Krissy Lynn gagged and tortured to multiple orgasms at Hogtied.

Seda Put Into Painful Bondage

10939 p 12 450x253 Seda Put Into Painful Bondage

See Seda in predicament bondage

This is the first of a four part live show starring Seda and they ease her into it with some predicament bondage. They tie a rope around her neck and to her arms which are lifted high up her back and straight out. If she lowers her arms she will choke herself.

They cut off her top and put tight nipple clamps on her then slap her face knocking her off balance. After that they cane her ass so hard she tries to move but ends up losing her balance and almost choking. The painful bondage is made worse as heavy weights are added to the nipple clamps.

They whip her tits trying to knock the weighted nipple clamps off before deciding she had earned some pleasure. A vibrator is placed on her clit and held there till she has an orgasm while still in her painful bondage. You can see Seda in her first part of the Live show at Hogtied.