MILF Beretta James Face Fucked

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When Beretta asked for this job this was her first scene where they find out what she can and can’t take. She is tied with her arms behind her back and her tits tied tight so she has no control over her movements while her head is held as she is throat fucked as deep as the guy wants to go.

She is bent over to have her bare ass spanked then is led down with one leg tied high in the air. An Hitachi is held on her clit while she is teased and denied before finally being allowed to orgasm. Once she has orgasmed and her clit is sensitive they move onto the real pain, whipping her pussy and sore clit with full swings.

Her hair is tied to the lifted leg bending her backwards and leaving her no movement as the pussy whipping gets harder. She has the Hitachi put back to her clit then for another orgasm before being whipped some more then face fucked again. You can see this stunning MILF in painful bondage at Hogtied.

Seda Hogtied For Multiple Forced Orgasms

8124 p 11 450x300 Seda Hogtied For Multiple Forced Orgasms

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Seda seems to have a limitless ability to have orgasms so the guys at Hogtied decided to put it to the test. She was tied standing with her legs pulled apart and a vibrator pressed against her pussy forcing orgasms from her. They added pegs on her nipples, tied her tits with rope then added a ballgag. The pegs were exchanged and nipple clamps used which soon changed to weighted nipple clamps before being released and put into a gyno chair. Her pussy was spread wide by forceps and then added a vibrator on her clit for more orgasms. Bent over a chair and tied with a hook up her ass, dildo on a stick up her pussy and a vibrator attached to her clit brought about many more screaming orgasms from her. You can see the whole shoot here or at Kink on Demand where you only pay for the scenes you want.

Carissa Montgomery Suffers Orgasm Pain

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Carissa has the loveliest big tits just waiting to be tortured and they waste no time. After tying her with her hands behind her back and gagging her they cut her skirt off then pinch her nipples till she squeals. A crotch rope is added with three heavy bowling ball weights pulling it against her clit while an Hitachi on her clit drives her to orgasm.

Her big tits are whipped then her ass spanked before she changes position to be held in suspension bondage face down. Pegs are placed on her nipples and an Hitachi attached to her clit again with her tits being whipped till she has many more orgasms. A stick dildo with another Hitachi brings her even more before she is tied helpless on her back with her tits tied so tight they start turning purple.

Back to the tit whipping and Hitachi on the clit for more orgasms before he whips her sensitive clit. He uses the stick dildo and Hitachi to bring her close to orgasm then whips her clit as she starts it. By the time he’s finished she has had so many orgasms she can just lie then and shake. You can see Carissa bound and fucked through forced orgasms at Hogtied.

Felony Gets Hogtied For Bondage And Pain

7961 p 06 450x253 Felony Gets Hogtied For Bondage And Pain

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Felony asks to be given the most intense orgasms she has ever had and boy does she get them. Tied naked to a punchbag with a ballgag and weighted nipple clamps a vibrator is used on her till she has her first few orgasms. She is hogtied next with her legs around her head to some weights with her arms tied under the bench leaving her totally exposed. A stick dildo in her ass and a vibrator on her clit bring about more painful orgasms and just when she thinks her clit is too sensitive they cane her clit. She is tied to a pole upside down with a dildo in her pussy and the vibrator again till she has more squirting orgasms then she is made to lick up the mess she has made. That would be enough for most girls but they tie her to another pole, this time while she is on a Sybian, with no way to move she has more and more orgasms. These are so painful she can’t even feel the zipper being pulled off. Watch this whole bdsm torture here.

Yasmine de Leon Has An Hogtied Audition

8042 p 13 450x253 Yasmine de Leon Has An Hogtied Audition

Watch Yasmine tied up and gagged for multiple orgasms.

Yasmine de Leon has done a few bdsm scenes before now but came to Hogtied to be pushed that bit further. They tied her arms behind her back, stripped off her clothes, forced her panties into her mouth then a ballgag to keep them there. They tied her legs open wide and put pegs on her nipples before using a vibrator on her pussy to bring her to her first orgasm. Within seconds you could hear her screaming behind the gag as they didn’t let up with the vibrator, in fact they pushed it onto her sensitive clit even harder. They didn’t even let up after her second orgasm by which time drool was escaping from the side of the ballgag and onto her pussy. She had more forced orgasms in this scene than she’s ever had before. Click Hogtied to see the free trailer and bdsm pictures.

Candy Manson Returns For Painful Bondage

12531 p 05 450x253 Candy Manson Returns For Painful Bondage

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Candy hasn’t done a bondage scene in over 5 years but the guys couldn’t resist getting her back for another scene. She is tied with her hands outstretched to posts while her tits are tied and attached to her hands in a way that every time she moves the ropes get tighter on her tits.

Her nipples are squeezed before nipple clamps are placed on them then the pain gets worse as she has her pussy caned. After that they use a vibrator to get the first of many painful orgasms from her. After about her fifth and the whining got too loud they had to gag her.

They went back to forcing more intense orgasms from her and by the end of the scene her pussy was so swollen it was about 3 times the normal size. Add to that her tits which were bright purple we think this scene is one she won’t forget too fast. You can see Candy Manson go from porn star back to bondage slut at Hogtied.

Dana DeArmond And Tara Lynn Fox Hogtied For Orgasms

7957 p 09 450x253 Dana DeArmond And Tara Lynn Fox Hogtied For Orgasms

Watch Dana DeArmond and Tara Lynn Fox forced to please each other.

Dana DeArmond and Tara Lynn Fox are put together in this great scene from Hogtied. They are attached together to suffer both pleasure and pain coming from some tight bondage and forced to please each other. They are tied in ways to first suck the nipple of their partner, then lick ass and pussy to start each other off. They are tied with their arms out behind them with nipple clamps attached to each other and large weights which almost pull their nipples off. Next they are both bound on hands and knees, Dana licking Taras pussy, both with ass hooks attached above their heads and to each other with a vibrator on Danas pussy bringing them both to another painful orgasm at the same time. They have a standing 69 next while Tara has a dildo inserted in her ass, licking each other for yet another orgasm. This is a great scene with two stunners, the nipple clamps made me cringe looking at it, watch this tit torture here for free.

Beretta James Extreme Bondage

17581 p 05 450x253 Beretta James Extreme Bondage

Watch Beretta tied and tortured

This is Beretta James first scene at Hogtied so it had to be one to remember. She is stripped and arched backwards over a barrel then tied spreadeagled. They use suction tubes to suck her nipples a good 2 inches then leave then on while they whip her pussy. An Hitachi is placed on her clit to get her to the edge of orgasm then removed.

The suction tubes are removed and coarse string used to tie her nipples then pulled tight to stretch her nipples as far as they will go before she is again pussy whipped. She is fingered to orgasm then he shoves his cock in her mouth getting a forced deeptrhroat blowjob from her.

A tight crotch rope is fitted while an asshook is used. The crotch rope is looped over a beam and attached to a bowling ball weight while he uses the Hitachi over the rope to bring her to another orgasm. The rough rope already hurting her sensitive clit has her screaming. You can see Beretta having forced orgasms in bondage at Hogtied.

Charlotte Vale Hogtied For Pussy Torture

7954 p 14 450x253 Charlotte Vale Hogtied For Pussy Torture

Watch Charlotte get painful orgasms ripped from her while tied tight.

Charlotte Vale has upset her master John Henry who decides enough is enough. He strips her naked and hogties her standing to some bamboo with a ballgag and uses a vibrator to bring her to the first of many painful orgasms. She is tied next lying on her front with her hands and legs in the air and made to suck a stick dildo then is double penetrated with a dildo in her ass and one in her pussy with a vibrator taped to it and rubbing her clit. She is released after an orgasm only to be tied on her knees balancing on a bamboo pole with her weight being held up by her pussy in a wooden horse type arrangement. Tit bondage and pegs on her nipples are hardly felt as her sensitive clit becomes more painful with every screaming orgasm which you can see here at Hogtied.

Lacey Jane Hogited For Some Nipple Torture

7635 p 13 450x253 Lacey Jane Hogited For Some Nipple Torture

Watch Lacey Jane show that she can take whatever tit torture can be dished out.

This is Lacey Janes second go at a Hogtied shoot and once again she proved that she can take any amount of tit punishment that you can give her. She starts off tied to a bamboo pole naked except for panties with a rope gag and a vibrator shoved in her knickers till she has a loud orgasm. She is moved into a standing position with the vibrator once again bringing a forced orgasm before having her tits tied tight. Suction tubes are placed on her nipples and a dildo inserted, the tubes later being replaced with nipple clamps each with three heavy weights hanging from them. Tighter weighted nipple clamps come next and the vibrator for another orgasm before she is released. If you only want this one scene then click on Kink on Demand where you can buy per scene or per minute.