SuperHero Tied Helpless For Forced Orgasms

5937 p 13 450x300 SuperHero Tied Helpless For Forced Orgasms

Watch these woman bound and fucked

In this fantasy scene a supervillain makes a gas that turns women so horny they just have to have sex. In a room the 2 test women rip each others clothes off and throw each other around to get the upper hand, fingering each other to orgasm, sitting on faces and licking till they’ve cum.

Part two of the plan they kidnap the Presidents daughter and gas her. Her hands tied behind her she is made to give forced blowjobs to 2 men before they try a spitroast. She is hung upside down and made to suck cock while an Hitachi on her clit leaves cum dribbling down her belly to her face. In suspension bondage she takes another hard fucking.

Superhero Americana is sent in to help but gets caught and gassed. She wakes up topless and tied. She is gagged then made to watch them use the presidents daughter before being tied on her back with a stick dildo inserted with an Hitachi on her clit while the daughter is in a chair sat on another Hitachi.

Americana is fingered to a few forced orgasms while 2 others spitroast the daughter then American is hoisted in suspension bondage so one can fuck her while the other cums over her tits. You can see this fantasy scene of women gagged and tortured at Hogtied.

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